Interview with Paul Sheriff

Filmmaker Paul Sheriff talks candidly about growing up in Blue Mound, Illinois in the 1960's and his personal reservations about making the documentary, My Sister Hali.

Interview with Bob Fallstrom

Sports Editor Bob Fallstrom talks about covering the phenomenally talented gymnast, Hali Sheriff, and the formation of the Blue Mound Gymnastics Club.

Interview with Marnie Bankson

Gymnastics team member, Marnie Bankson, discusses the formation of the Blue Mound Gym Club and its relationship to the community.

Interview with Muriel Grossfeld

Gymnastics icon, Muriel Grossfeld, discusses the status of womens gymnastics in America in the 1960's as well as the incredible talent of Hali Sheriff and the routines of the 12 year old gymnast.

Interview with Toby Towson

National gymnastic gold medalist, Toby Towson, reflects on the gymnastics training at the Blue Mound Gym Club.